Testimonial Submission

I'm always looking for Testimonials from previous clients about how I work and your experience.



On the form you will see a "Permissions" check box, this is to give your consent for your testimonial to be used to publicise my service. If you tick the box I will use your Full name and Alias. This is completely optional, if you leave it unticked I will use your first name and your alias.

Thank You!

I want to personally thank you, and anyone else who submits a testimonial for my services. This not only indicates to other prospective clients about my service but also lets me know that my services are helping and in a meaningful way. I want all feedback, both negative and positive, if you felt there was something that could have been done better, please, do let me know.

- Chris

Permission to use my full name, includes first and last name, for portfolio and promotional material. Leave unchecked if you would prefer First name and Handle use. (E.g. John /JSmith25)