See what my current and previous clients are saying about me!
Joel "Orb" K.Content Creator

Chris is the real deal! He takes care of your every need if you so desire. I have never been artistically inclined or creative when it comes to designs and layouts. I therefore reached out to Chris for help and I'm so happy that I did.

Jason GrimwoodParadice Board Game Cafe

I found Chris very professional and friendly to deal with, he was always upfront about everything and very quick in his work. I would most certainly use him again for future logo and design work. 5 Stars from me 🙂

Joshua "JTPixel" TreeceTwitch Content Creator

Chris provided me with an outstanding branding overhaul for my Twitch channel. Chris expertly took my somewhat foggy branding idea and brought it to life. Working with him was a very pleasant experience; the process felt very organic, almost as if he were a part of my personal team. I would highly recommend. The delivered work was absolutely brilliant.

Michelle "Michi" BomanContent Creator

I am super happy and satisfied with the concepts, commissions and great customer service I have received from Chris. He excels at giving advice and guidance, in addition to coming up with new, fresh ideas for current and future projects.

Schuyler KresgeTRiiiTON

I absolutely LOVED working with Chris! He was quick, responsive, kind, and extremely knowledgeable about graphic design. I provided him with a bare-bones idea of a logo, and Chris turned my idea into a masterpiece.

Thomas "72hrs" M.Content Creator

One of the biggest selling points I would give to Chris is how genuine the dude is. I never felt like I was rushed or a bother to the guy. He was always willing to work with me and help me create the design that I felt was right for my channel.

Johnny "Ryuusei" B.Content Creator

I had just come back from a 2-year hiatus from casting and was looking to do a complete redesign of my Twitch channel. Chris was absolutely fantastic to work with, and he was really patient with me when it came to making changes to any of the designs. I would highly recommend his work to anyone. Professional, courteous and friendly service. 🙂

Joakim ''Twillsaan'' LarssonContent Creator

I have just started doing Twitch and Youtube and I have alway been into gaming and art. So Chris was the perfect person for the job and I am very happy with the outcome on the work he did!

Adam "ItsAdamBe" B.Content Creator

I am very happy with the process and the final outcome of the services Chris provided. The graphics very much matched the ideas I supplied him with. I would recommend ImChrisP to anyone that is looking for graphic work and would like to add the process was very professional.

James "ItsKibble" K.Content Creator

Not long after the final product was completed, my website itsKibble.com! It came in less that the estimate and looked incredible! Was exactly how I wanted it to look and feel, superb job and well worth the money!

HayZContent Creator

Right from the start, Chris was prompt to answer requests and give ideas. He recommended ideas that I wouldn't have even thought about and made them look fantastic. Extremely positive experience. I'll be sure to keep in touch for future work.

Brian "Skizzlerzz" MContent Creator

I had a small idea at first but, after working with Chris I'm couldn't be more grateful to work with someone so nice and helpful when it comes to design work. From suggestions and opinions he helped me through this project from start to finish.