Who is Orb?

Joel, also known as Orb or IncredibleOrb, is a Twitch and Youtube content creator in the gaming industry. He has a strong following with over 150,000 Twitch followers and 100,000 Youtube subscribers. He is well known in the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre as the MOAB King, after having success with his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 streams. While now he is more of a variety streamer, he does still have a passion for FPS games and enjoys entertaining his community.

I have worked with Joel for the last 3/4 years on a variety of projects, including; Twitch graphics, website, YouTube thumbnails and motion pieces. There has also been a selection of large scale projects such as his annual Call of Duty marathon and Mayhem (2017). Working with Joel has offered me with a unique experience as well as taking on and managing various projects for him, something which I don’t think many at my age would have experienced, that for which I am extremely grateful for his support over the years.

Joel “Orb” K.

2015 – Present



The main bulk of the work produced for Orb has been for his Twitch streams, having interactive and professional elements create an environment that he desired. Having an intro and outro video tailored to his brand offers a clear and professional start and end to his streams. While his streams are still here to offer entertainment he does want to be professional, having the best quality in both stream quality and visual graphics. Over the course of the last few years we have refreshed a number of elements from the intro to the info panels below the stream, the design style is always evolving with the industry and we often get inspired by what we see on other streams, letting these influence our next products.

Orb is extremely serious about his brand, every project needs to come together, regardless of if it’s on Twitch or Twitter, the brand needs to be recognisable and consistent. While we do experiment in the work, we try to keep complete refreshes to the minimum, often it’s easy to get carried away and to keep changing things up however for the brand it’s important to remain consistent.

Orb on the Twitch Desktop App

Website I.

Main Website

Orb’s personal website serves as a way to learn more about him, both as a streamer and as a person. He has an “about me” page which offers a background of his gaming history and his experience within the industry. As well as some information on Orb we have listed his full setup, both gaming, streaming, mobile setups, and his peripherals and accessories.

Website II.

Help Site

For Orb’s community website he has a series of commonly asked questions, a variety of guides and a series of VOD Guides for previous Subscriber Appreciation Days and singleplayer games. We also host a variety of commonly asked for game configs. The website serves as a way to find quick and easy information as well as indepth guides for used services; both Steam and Discord. A Schedule can be found which has views for weekly and monthly, giving an easy overview of what is planned for the month.


Motion Content

Twitch Stream Intro

An introduction video for Orb’s Twitch Streams. It features a looping background with an area for Twitch chat.

Twitch Stream Outro

An outro video which offers a clear and definitive end to Orb’s Twitch streams. It features the same looping background as the intro but features his stream schedule and social media.

Youtube Outro

An outro video for Youtube content which offers space for on screen annotations for previous videos. This features the same motion background as the others.

Chris is the real deal! He takes care of your every need if you so desire. I have never been artistically inclined or creative when it comes to designs and layouts. I therefore reached out to Chris for help and I'm so happy that I did.

I would tell him what I wanted and he would come back with different ideas and together we would walk through the process of creating it. He constantly listened to my feedback and even changing the slightest smallest pixel imaginable. My brand is very important to me so it's important for me that things are up to my standard and liking before I release it to the public. Therefore I refuse to settle and Chris had no problem with that and has assisted me every step of the way.

I would recommend Chris's work to all content creators out there looking to step up their brand game, whether it be for Twitch/Youtube graphics to your own website.

Joel "Orb" K.Content Creator