About Michi's Rebrand

Michi / Michelle

February/March 2017


Michelle, also known as Michi (previously Michirage), approached me to rebrand her channel since she dropped the “rage” from her Twitch username. Michelle has a keen interest in sun set colour schemes and fruits, she’s got a chat bot which deals with a virtual currency called Pines and has a focus on pineapples with emotes, with this she wanted to explore a new logo which would be inclusive of a word mark and image.

  • New Logo and Brand
  • Stream Info and Outro
  • Overlay
  • Profile Banners
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Twitch


Michi has a huge love for sunset colours, with a rebrand this offered to give her some dedicated colours. Within this we came out with three main colours; Watermelon Pink, Pineapple Yellow, and Sunset Orange. While we also included three supporting colours when needed.

Watermelon Pink


Sunset Orange


Pineapple Yellow






Michi on the Twitch Desktop App


Probably one of the most important elements of Michi’s rebrand, the logo, she has been repping her previous logo for a number of years now, and it was a unique process for her, sceptical about moving forward to another style of logo, which now that it’s all completed she’s extremely happy with and glad we looked down this avenue!

Motion Content

Within the rebrand Michi wanted to update her stream’s Intro and Outro videos, and we decided to take the entire sunset theme and duplicate it into motion, the background uses a video going above the clouds, blended with a gradient and Gaussian blur to create a light feeling. The colours and overall feeling of the content came out great.

Additional Content

Michi also wanted to update some of her stream and social graphics, incorporating the colour scheme and new logo, in this we created social game posts for when she goes live on Twitch, profile tabs for below her stream, social media banners, and new overlays.

I am super happy and satisfied with the concepts, commissions and great customer service I have received from Chris. He excels at giving advice and guidance, in addition to coming up with new, fresh ideas for current and future projects. Chris listens to my desires and we both work together to develop a final result we are both happy with!
I have gotten great, high quality content for my Twitch channel and social media platforms in no time! I am 100% satisfied with Chris’ services and would love to work together more in the future.

Michi / MichelleTwitch Streamer