About Joshua/JTPixel:

I was approached by Joshua, JTPixel, to create a brand identity based around his stream values and personality as well as a stream package which would be stylised with his new branding. He was interested in the design styles based around the carnival freak show/circus eras.

We started off looking at the vintage era of circus design, looking at the signage and typical typefaces and design styles which were present. He was looking for a modern spin on the design style, incorporating the old vintage style with a modern style was an interesting project. Joshua was open to a variety of colour schemes, leaning more towards greens and golds.

Joshua “JTPixel” Treece
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Chris provided me with an outstanding branding overhaul for my Twitch channel. Chris expertly took my somewhat foggy branding idea and brought it to life. Working with him was a very pleasant experience; the process felt very organic, almost as if he were a part of my personal team.

I would highly recommend. The delivered work was absolutely brilliant.

Joshua "JTPixel" TreeceContent Creator

Logo and Branding:

The branding was an interesting part of this project, I wasn’t well informed on the freak show/circus subject as a whole, but when looking at imagery and reading up on the subject it was a very interesting topic, at least from a design point of view. The vibrant colours and vintage art deco aesthetic which was apparent from signage and various other small elements such as the bills and posters. Having done some art deco projects before this tied in well and allowed me to bring two pools of knowledge in together.

I started out creating a selection of ideas for the logo, looking at vintage typefaces and seeing what type of style would work for the name “JTPixel”, specifically looking for key characteristics which could provide the link between historical and modern styles. After experimenting with a range of different typefaces I initially settle on a typeface called “Carinvalee Freakshow” it reflected the era of design and had the characteristics I was looking for, however it came across extremely dated. Combined with the brief that Joshua wanted a modern influenced I found that it wasn’t going to offer the modern characteristics.

After revising my research I decided to look into stylising the logo with various features. The vertical lines going down the logo would work well since it is a popular detail used within the vintage era. I also used a wrapped the top and bottom of the logo creating a squashed curve towards the middle. I chose I modern colour scheme, which both could be utilised by gradient and flat colour, as well as creating a distinctive outline around the logo, this is reflective of more modern design styles, I found this was an appropriate way of getting modern styles incorporated within the design.

While we weren’t set on a colour scheme I wanted to explore a variety of colours, especially since Joshua was open to colour schemes, this would allow him to provide an informed decision based on his likes and dislikes towards the colour schemes shown.

Following the decision to go with the vibrant blue/purple-ish colour scheme we decided that an additional element could be utilised to create a vintage sign. Using a similar style to the logo with a double border, I created a shape which was representative of the vintage freakshow signage. Paired this with additional elements such as the warped stars and Twitch URL it was a unique and refreshing additional element which could be used to tie his brand together.

I exported the logos in a variety of different styles including a black and white silhouette, flat blue and purple, and stylised wordmark and signage. I am extremely happy with how the logo turned out, it ties in two ages of design well and provides a clear link to both ages.

JTPixel on the Twitch Desktop App

Stream Package:

Within the project Joshua wanted me to create a similarly styled stream package. This package would include a range of items including; Information Banners/Panels, Intro and Outro scenes (static), BRB Scene, intermission and in game scene, and profile banners for Twitter and Twitch.

The design style was based around the new brand, utilising the colour schemes created and providing additional modern connotations to the design. Joshua utilises a greenscreen so it was important to provide a graphics package which would allow for the greenscreen to be used to its full potential. This is most visible within the intermission scene, he has a large space towards the left-center of the scene, producing a clean and professional space. The light rays were used to provide additional links to the vintage carnival/freak show era, as this was a popular element for most to use on signage and posters.

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Feel free to check out the live package available on Joshua’s pages:
Thanks for checking out this project, it was a great experience working with Joshua on his project and I think the outcomes look great! Want to start a project together?
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