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72hrs wanted a unqiue and personal brand identity to be created, with a link to his name origins. The name “72hrs” originated from Majora’s Mask, where you have 72 hours to save the world. From this we decided on a creation of emblem/stylised drawing of 72hrs wearing a mask, influenced from the “Fierce Deity’s Mask” within the game.

Along with the project we looked at a variety of colours, with 72hrs’ favourite colour being orange he wanted to incorporate that into the mask, but he also liked the idea of including green, linking with tribal masks, with the orange being the highlights. This bought colour balance to the logo, with orange being the main colour for the typography.

Thomas “72hrs” M.


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72hrs on the Twitch Desktop App

Stream Package:

Over the course of the last year we have worked together on a collection of projects for his Twitch stream. The latest being a refresh package from his previous designs. Within this package I included two motion videos one for his stream intros and another for his outro. I also included a refresh for his panels below the stream, social media banners, offline screen and in game overlay.

The overall aesthetic of the stream content was minimal and clean, the design was a refresh over his previous Dead by Daylight oriented design, with more of a focus on his stream branding and allowing the stream to be more varied in what it comes across as.

Motion Content:

Twitch Intro

Twitch Outro

If you're looking for graphics, Chris is your guy.

I had some idea of where I thought I wanted to go but Chris really took initiative with branding ideas and development. He gave me multiple options along the way and the outcome was a really great brand/design.

One of the biggest selling points I would give to Chris is how genuine the dude is. I never felt like I was rushed or a bother to the guy. He was always willing to work with me and help me create the design that I felt was right for my channel.

Chris is attentive, quick to respond, and a talented individual. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my branding or design.

Thomas "72hrs" M.Content Creator

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Thanks for checking out this project, it was a great experience working with Joshua on his project and I think the outcomes look great! Want to start a project together?
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