Frequently Asked Questions

A range of frequently asked questions, if you have any other questions feel free to ask directly via email ([email protected]) or on Twitter (@imchrispuk)

1. What is your expertise?

My strengths are within the digital industry, with a keen interest in gaming content. I have been doing Twitch and Youtube Content Creator branding, and various other projects for just over three years. I have great knowledge of the gaming industry and the typical set up content creators look for, I can provide a range of services which could improve your appearance, including static and motion graphics.

I do enjoy and am able to work within the other areas of design; branding, print, etc. If you have a project, I am most likely able to help you with building a package and fulfilling it for you.  Although, I am unable to offer illustration services, if these do come up within a project they will be outsourced via my creative network or the client can source the illustrator and come back to me with the outcomes.

2. What does your Design Process entail?

My design process is fairly simple when we break it down. I like to look at it in individual steps:

1. Initial Brief – A full brief with all the information needed to create an understanding of the project, including a background into your project and what it stands for. Explaining clearly and concise your needs and expectations.

2. Brief Agreement – I will read through your brief and give you a quotation, this will include which pricing structure you’re on and how long I believe it will take to complete; in the end it may take longer or it may be less, if you have a closed budget I will notify you of any issues.

3. Concept Creation – Based on your brief and agreement I will then start putting together some concepts for your project, for example some sketches or possible routes for a logo. These will be presented to you and if there’s a specific concept liked we can start developing it further. If not, I can create some further concepts and present them again.

4. Concept Development – Once we’ve cleared the concept creation stage we will go onto the development, where we refine the concept and build a structure around your feedback and my professional suggestions. This stage can take time if there are a lot of revisions. “Try this” and “Try that” are helpful but do increase the amount of time taken with your project.

5. Refinement and Finalising Development – This stage is all about refining the small imperfections of your project, finalising the development and producing the additional material which you may require. (e.g. brand guidelines)

6. Exchange – This is the stage where we count up the hours and exchange project for payment. Payment will be required before I can provide you with the project package.

3. What are your Response Times?

I am currently working with a Monday – Friday 8am – 12pm BST, however if I do have free time over the weekend I will respond. If you don’t hear a response from me within 48 working hours please  send a follow up message.

4. How much do you charge?

I have three pricing structures that I typically follow; flat rate, hourly and pay what you want.

Flat Rate: This is typically used for large projects where I can give you an estimate based on what information you’re providing me, such as building a website, these are easier to provide a flat rate due to the nature of the projects. (Typically these projects will require a 50% deposit of the quote)

Hourly Rate: Hourly Rates are typically used for projects where I can provide designs on efficiency and of quality. An example of this is a Twitch Overlay project, where it majorly depends on the style that the client is looking for.

“Pay what you want”: PWYW or Pay What You Want is typically used for small projects which take little time, this structure isn’t typically used for many projects, however long standing clients who require small touch ups and updates to designs get offered this.

I offer a combination of quality and efficiency when quoting for design projects, if the client has a small budget I will be happy to explore efficient routes and prioritising content. I provide clients with regular updates to how their project is going with current costs. If requested I can provide my logs of hours worked.

I offer free consultations for all projects, regardless of the stage, if you want to discuss your options and budget feel free to contact me!

5. How are payments made?

I currently accept payments via PayPal, this offers the most versatile solution for myself and clients. If you are unable to pay with PayPal we can explore other routes such as Bank transfers.

For some projects deposits are required, this secures my time and yours. Refund and Cancellation information can be found on FAQ #7.

You will be sent an invoice with all your project information, any discounts and such are indicated. This is sent through PayPal and passed through to your desired email address.

6. Are there any hidden charges?

No, all charges are presented and cleared before they are made. If I require to purchase stock photography or any other additional material this will be cleared with the client. A note is made on the invoice when additional charges are made, usually featured as a separate item. An example of this; Hiring an Illustrator to sketch a mascot logo.

All charges are featured on the invoice as is, and the client is made aware of them before they are incurred.

7. Refunds and Cancellations

If you are desiring a refund for completed work, I am unable to offer this. My time and energy has gone into creating outcomes for some kick-ass projects! If you’re not satisfied with the results please do contact me and I will try my hardest to resolve them with you for no additional cost.

If you are seeking a cancellation of your deposit this is offered in a couple of different ways. For 24 hours you are able to request a full cancellation, meaning you get 100% of the deposit back. However after 24 hours I would have most likely started your project and would have invested time into it. This means I will only be able to offer you a percentage of the deposit, dependent on the hours invested. If over 72 hours have passed this deposit will most likely be non-refundable.

Contact me before hand to discuss any cancellations. Charge backs are a hassle to deal with and although I am willing to dispute, I would rather discuss peacefully and come to agreement. If you contact me and discuss your cancellation and refund request, chances are I will grant your request.

8. Why you? X and X offers cheaper services

While it’s important to weigh all your options, it does come down to the designers skills and capabilities. Do you just want minimal effort from a cheaper provider or do you want the passion and expertise I have to offer? You need to decide for your project/business which type of designer you would like to hire. Budget is only one part you should consider, it’s also the; after care, expertise, knowledge. You can view my large range of testimonials from clients here.

I wont match the price of other providers, what one designer may value less is anothers treasure.

9. Portfolio Project Features

While I would love to feature as many projects of mine in my portfolio, sadly reasons do prevent this. You are entitled to request that I do not include your project in my portfolio, I will be more than happy to do so. The project could also be featured on my Dribbble account instead of website portfolio. I try to keep my portfolio concise and the best of the best projects. Dribbble allows me to share shots of a project and allows people to view them.

If you would like to request for your project not to be featured, please do contact me. I am more than happy to de-brand the project from your business if you would prefer. This means I would remove your brand identity and create a false identity for it, some people prefer this!

10. Do you provide source files for the projects?

Yes! If you’re paying on either one of the Fixed rate of Hourly rate payment structures you’re guaranteed to get your source files packaged into your project pack. If you’re Paying what you want, I can provide on request. However this may include an additional fee.

Standard source file formats:

PSD – Photoshop Document / AI – Adobe Illustrator Document / INDB – InDesign Book

I work in the latest software, to maximise compatability please use the latest versions when opening the files. If you require small edits please do contact me.

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