Hello, I’m Chris!

I am a Student and Freelance Graphic Designer based in the South of England, specialising in the gaming industry.


One of the biggest selling points I would give to Chris is how genuine the dude is. I never felt like I was rushed or a bother to the guy. He was always willing to work with me and help me create the design that I felt was right for my channel.

Tom / 72hrsContent Creator

I found Chris very professional and friendly to deal with, he was always upfront about everything and very quick in his work. I would most certainly use him again for future logo and design work. 5 Stars from me 🙂

Jason GrimwoodParadice Board Game Cafe

Chris is the real deal! He takes care of your every need if you so desire. I have never been artistically inclined or creative when it comes to designs and layouts. I therefore reached out to Chris for help and I'm so happy that I did.

Joel / OrbContent Creator

I absolutely LOVED working with Chris! He was quick, responsive, kind, and extremely knowledgeable about graphic design. I provided him with a bare-bones idea of a logo, and Chris turned my idea into a masterpiece.

Schuyler "TRiiiTON" KresgeTRiiiTON